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Kami Auld, M.P.T. is a physical therapist licensed in the State of Florida.  Kami completed her undergraduate work at Wayne State University receiving a Bachelors of Science in Allied Health.  She then went on to pursue her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy graduating from Wayne State in 1998.  She has continued her post-graduate training through the University of St. Augustine (completing all but one of the manual therapy training courses).   She has also received manual training through the North American Training seminars completing lumbar, pelvic & thoracic spine courses.  Kami has studied myofascial release extensively within the John Barnes system, completing all of the primary courses including Women’s Health.  In addition, Kami completed 3 years as adjunct faculty at Edison College teaching Anatomy & Physiology. Kami is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Florida Physical Therapy Association.


“HOW MAY I HEAL SO OTHERS MAY HEAL” has become the Mission Statement for my life.  I have experienced approximately 30 years of chronic pain beginning with low back strain in my late 20’s.  As the pain persisted, I sought help within the medical field.  Armed with excellent health insurance, I tried physical therapy, occupational therapy, osteopathic treatment, medications, etc.  I truly wanted to get better and diligently followed all prescribed exercise regimes, to no avail.  My symptoms persisted and began to affect my entire spine and right shoulder.  Undaunted, I increased my exercise and became an aerobics instructor, then a teacher and eventually a teacher/trainer.  I added weight training to my schedule and became a personal trainer.  I continued to work through pain and eventually sought alternative treatments:  massage, acupuncture, electric acupuncture and Pilates.  While each of these modalities provided temporary relief, nothing was lasting. 

Finally, my dilemma inspired me to pursue a career in physical therapy where I hoped that knowledge of the body and biomechanics could assist me in self-treatment.  It took 9 years of schooling and almost 12 years of practice for me to discover how to heal myself.






It is the combination of my own pathology and the combined experience in both the medical and alternative medical systems that produced the program I highlight in my clinic.  “Surviving the Gravity Storm” is a specific program that allows patients to find “midline” structurally in their own bodies and align with the gravitational field. 

This comprehensive home program combined with skilled manual therapy and myofascial release techniques allows many people to finally gain control over their dysfunction.  As dysfunction is resolved, pain gradually decreases.  The most important aspect of this program is that it immediately teaches patients what to do for themselves.  My goal is to empower every patient to ask first what they can do for their bodies and for them to become a self advocate within the medical system.  While this program does NOT replace the traditional medical system, it does enhance and work with all practitioners responsible for an individual’s health care requirements.





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Kami Auld

Kami Auld
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